Who am I ?

I am game developer currently using and learning Unity for the most part. I have competence in C#, but I am also completely indie in my process which means I also have competences in 3D (I commonly use Blender but I started with Autodesk’s 3DS max), storytelling and level design. The only thing I don’t do myself are shaders since I never learned how to create and use them myself, but that time will come when needed.

I am am also currently working on an unnamed project and I talk about this every few weeks, at least once a month. You can found out more about this here.

Answering questions are one of my priority, so feel free to send a mail at ARealSnake@gmail.com


Social network : 

Twitter (More personal, but I also post screen shot of the development)

CuriousCat.me (To ask questions)

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